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Experience jungle camping for trekking trip

 During your long trekking trips, camping to sleep is natural. Jungle camping is an activity that young trek enthusiasts are extremely excited about. The camping trip will bring you good memories, as well as increase solidarity, make new friends, as well as bring you great experiences in life. But camping in the woods is not an easy task. The Traveler will reveal an interesting experience for you! 1. Prepare all necessary supplies Belongings Tents, ropes, sheets, wingking umbrellas, sleeping bags, pots, mini-cookers, jungle knives, lighters ... are definitely indispensable items during your camping trip in the woods. However, in addition to the items just listed, there are also equally important items that you should not lack. Medicine What you should bring with you is medicine in case of bad health on the trip. You should prepare stomach pain medicine in case the digestive system is not healthy, headache medicine, fever reducer, cold wind oil, bandages, red medicine, medical alcohol i
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Basic knowledge of indoor climbing

 Indoor or sport climbing is a new and exciting form of exercise. If you love climbing, want basic training or even advanced training to conquer real mountains, then indoor climbing is the best option. There are many classes, clubs or gyms that offer indoor climbing, but the price, height and complexity of the fake mountain vary widely. Some low-walled gyms are only rocky mountains. Some standard design gyms have a modern gym, with a gym and cafeteria.   Although this form of man-made climbing has been around for a long time and can be performed outdoors, in the park, it is however affected by the weather. This is the reason why the sport climbing gym is increasingly popular. Types of sport climbing Bouldering / Traverse Rock climbing usually doesn't need climbing protective belts or ropes. The rock climbing routes are fairly close to the ground, with thick protective pads underneath. Some gyms require a support team underneath to protect climbers from serious injuries.   Rock clim


You have a camping tent, full of features but how to use them accordingly. Please try the notes below: How to set up the tent: Tent location - Set up tents in open land with shade trees to shade the afternoon sun. - Choose a flat soil, no jagged rocks, no big roots, no bushes or thorns, clean it up and remove gravel and rocks. - Avoid the direction of wind rushing into the tent. - Do not set up tents to slaughter tall trees, it is very dangerous in the rain and wind. - Do not set up tents and camps on the bed of shallow streams, flood waters cannot return in time. Tent folding:  When folding the tent to put it in your bag, keep the doors open to allow the air in the tent to escape to help you roll the tent tighter.        - Before folding the tent, make sure there are no objects left in the tent. Sharp objects can tear fabric. Neglected leftovers will spoil and spoil the tent, and even damage the tent fabric.        - When folding the tent try to fold according to the folding lines ava

.300 Winchester Magnum

Winchester developed the 300 Winchester Magnum center fire rifle cartridge based totally on their 338 Winchester Magnum cartridge. This was done by shifting the cartridge’s shoulder area forward by .156” thereby elongating the case .120” and narrowing it down to admit .308” diameter bullets. It was in the year 1963 that Winchester first introduced the new 300 Winchester Magnum cartridge to the people. It was chambered in their 70 bolt action rifle model that had a 1 in 10” rifling twist. Ever since its inception, the 300 Winchester Magnum cartridges have gained popularity among long range rifle shooters and hunters and have been utilized to win quite a few 1,000 yard matches in shooting competitions. It was soon discovered by hunters also that the rifle has enough power to tackle all kinds of animals in North America. It was in the 1980’s that the story of the 300WM’s use for military sniping purposes and the US Navy began. The Navy had been on the lookout for different ki